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Cara Mia Brows provides luxury service and quality work with years of experience and a proven record of satisfied clients!

About Ombré Powder Brows

Ombré Powder Brows is the hottest must-have service taking over the beauty industry! But what is it exactly?!

Microshading is a form of gentle cosmetic tattooing known as Permanent Makeup (PMU). It involves using a machine and a micro-needle to gently scratch the surface of the skin to implant pigment.

The desired result is soft, powdery filled brows in a perfectly defined shape with a natural Ombré fade in the front.

The Process

The Ombré Powder Brows service is a 2-step process of:

  1. Initial Appointment (3 -3 .5 hours)

  2. Complimentary Touch Up Appointment 6-8 weeks later (60 - 90 mins)

Initial Appointment

The Initial Appointment includes:

  1. Consultation where the entire process will be explained in depth, with medical and skin history from client consent forms reviewed and all questions answered

  2. Custom shaping of the brows that the client will review and approve

  3. Custom color selection according to client skin tone and brow goals

  4. Outline and shading of the brows

  5. Going over After Care instructions and scheduling the complimentary Touch Up Appointment for 6-8 weeks later

What to Expect

  • The shading itself involves minimal pain and discomfort due to the use of a topical anesthetic that numbs skin. 90% of clients state that the pain was tolerable and minimal, while many fall asleep!

  • A separate, initial consultation can also be scheduled for clients who aren’t quite ready to commit so they can meet the artist and get all questions answered, as well as get their brows shaped with makeup to see how they will look.

  • The recovery process is an initial 2 weeks for the outside of the skin to heal, but full healed results take about 4 weeks so that pigment can settle inside the skin.

  • The complimentary Touch Up at 6-8 weeks is to perfect the brows and address any issues with healing or corrections needed. In some cases, this session may not be needed.

  • All appointments include an After Care kit with all items you will need and detailed instructions.

  • Results typically last 1-3 years before beginning to fade. This will vary based on skin type, lifestyle and adherence to After Care instructions.

  • An annual touch up is recommended to maintain. Clients returning for touch ups will never pay for full service, but have discounted Returning Client Touch Up rates.

  • Clients must review the list of restrictions to ensure they are an eligible candidate for PMU before booking. They must also agree to follow PreCare and After Care instructions to ensure optimal healed results.

  • Corrective brows and PMU removal are also available for those with previous work.

Important notes

  • Microshading is not the same as a traditional body art tattoo because it uses a smaller needle and does not go as deep. Therefore, it does not last forever and should gradually fade away over time if not maintained. This is ideal to prevent the pigment changing to unwanted colors if it sits in the skin too long.

  • Microshading is also very different than Microblading, which uses a razor to cut lines in the skin that mimic hairstrokes. This is not recommended for most skin types because it results in more trauma to the skin and requires more touch ups.

  • Microshading is suitable for ALL skin types, causes minimal trauma to the skin and requires minimal maintenance and touch ups!​

Benefits of Ombré Powder Brows:

  • Getting your brows done is a great form of self-care that improves your everyday life!

  • With powder brows, you wake up with perfectly shaped brows you that you no longer have to fill in. Save your valuable time (average 10-20 mins per day) and be ready in less time.

  • Save hundreds of dollars on expensive brow products (pencils, pomades, powders, etc.) over time.

  • Enjoy a defined shape that makes hair maintenance (waxing, threading, or plucking) easy and quick.

  • Never worry about your brows coming off again, especially during hot Florida summer days, gym sessions, and beach visits. Ombré Powder Brows are waterproof, sweat-proof, and smudge-proof!

  • Shape your brows to look ten years younger! By lifting the tail of your brow, it opens up the eyes bigger and helps to avoid the appearance of skin drooping in the brow and temple area.

  • Boost your self-confidence and feel put together every day. Your brows will ALWAYS be on point and receive compliments!

  • Give your beautiful eyes a frame that will help them pop and express your emotions with style


Image of Amanda Strange wearing a Cara Mia Brows black apron standing next to the pink neon sign in her studio that reads Hello Gorgeous

Amanda Strange is a licensed Tattoo Artist in the state of Florida and has been named Tampa’s premier Permanent Makeup (PMU) Artist. She has 5+ years of experience and over 14 certifications, is Blood-borne Pathogen certified, and has advanced training in color theory, skin anatomy and saline removal for PMU and small tattoos. She is also a Master of Business Administration (MBA). 

Amanda's signature style is Ultra Natural style brows that no one will ever believe are tattooed on! She continually invests in the best education to provide trusted expertise to her clients. She also trained in Paramedical tattoo to be able to help breast cancer patients with 3D Areola Realism tattoos.

With a lifelong passion for beauty and skincare, Amanda has always been a believer that brows are the most transformative part of the face. After spending years filling in her brows, getting the Powder Brow service done as a client herself completely changed her life. She became determined to give this same gift to as many women as possible, so she left behind a 15 year in finance to pursue this dream. It is now Amanda’s mission to uplift her clients, make them feel beautiful and confident, and improve their daily lives. 

Aside from brows, Amanda is a mom, wife, avid traveler, foodie, and book lover.


Cara Mia Brows was genuinely born from LOVE and every aspect of the business reflects a deep devotion to client satisfaction. Amanda seeks to provide an upscale, relaxing experience as a form of self-care for each client. In addition, giving back to breast cancer survivors is central to her mission and several services are donated each year.


Amanda attending the Permanent Makeup (PMU) Women of Color conference in Atlanta, GA September 9-11, 2022.


Amanda was certified in Paramedical tattoo by the best in the world- Sherah Juarez of Ink Boutique Houston in December 2022. She is excited to partner with local doctors and surgeons to offer services to breast cancer patients.

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I've got all of your need-to-know answers about Powder Brows! As a certified cosmetic tattoo artist, I am always happy to share detailed info so that you feel confident in booking your appoint with Cara Mia Brows.
Click here to read the FAQs!

Image of a cosmetic tattoo studio with the salon chair, neon pink lights that say Hello Gorgeous, and the Cara Mia Brows logo on the back pink wall.

"Self Care is NOT a luxury, but a necessity. It allows us to show up in this tumultuous world as the best versions of ourselves."
- Unknown

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