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Ombre Powder Brows

4 Weeks Before Appointment
  • No Botox or fillers
  • No using products with Retinol/Tretinoin above eyes
  • No using products with glycolic/lactic (AHA) or salicylic (BHA acids)
  • No chemical peels, micro-needling, or invasive skin treatments
1 Week Before Appointment:
  • No sun exposure or tanning
  • No waxing, threading or plucking brows, in order for me to see your brow hair growth
24 Hours Before Appointment:
  • No caffeine/coffee
  • No alcohol
  • No pain relievers (aspirin or ibuprofen)
Wash, dry and apply ointment as instructed 2x a day for 7 days, or until all scabbing has completely fallen off.
To wash:
  • Wash hands first before handling your brows.
  • Gently massage a small amount of the cleanser provided onto the brow with finger in circular motion to lather up.
  • Gently massage a small amount of water onto the brow with finger to rinse off the cleanser/soap.
  • Dry immediately.
To dry:
  • Use a cotton pad, tissue, or very clean towel.
  • Softly and gently pat the brows in a dabbing/blotting motion, instead of rubbing or wiping.
  • Allow brows to air dry fully before applying ointment.
To apply ointment:
  • Gently apply a VERY small amount of ointment provided to brows with q-tip, allowing it to absorb and give your skin the moisture and nutrients it needs.The size of a grain of rice is enough for BOTH brows!
  • Always use a q-tip to apply, never fingers.
  • It is very important to allow brows to breathe and to avoid over-saturating with too much ointment.
  • If brows feel dry and itchy, you may apply ointment more frequently as needed, as long as you keep it a very small amount each time.
Scabs typically form 4-7 days after service as part of the body's natural healing process. This may be an unflattering time for photos, events and travel. Do NOT pick scabbing, as it will remove pigment and can permanently scar the skin. Allow scabs to fall off naturally on their own.
The first 3-7 days are critical and will determine how your brows heal. The skin is open and can get infected if not cared for properly. In addition, pigment is new and fresh in the skin, so it will come out easier leading to poor retention. Please try your best to follow instructions. The best care produces the best results!
For 1 Week:
  • Do NOT wet skin in the brow area (besides washing as instructed).
  • Wash your face in the sink and avoid brows as much as possible. Washing face in the shower is not recommended. When you must wash your hair, use the visors provided to avoid wetting brows.
  • If brows do get splashed with water, dry them immediately. Do not allow them to stay wet.
  • Do not exercise or sweat heavily (3 days minimum, 7 days is best) to avoid pigment lifting out.
  • Avoid touching brows and be careful with hair, glasses and hats to ensure they're not touching the brows.
For 2 weeks:
  • Avoid direct sun exposure, as this will fade pigment before it has healed. Wear a hat whenever you will be in direct sunlight.
  • No waxing, threading or plucking brow hair (allow skin to rest).
  • No Botox or fillers.
  • No facials, chemical peels, or skin treatments.
  • No makeup in the brow area.
  • Nothing on the brows except the 2 products (cleanser and ointment) provided.
  • No hot steam or sauna.
  • Absolutely no swimming or submerging brows in water, as this will compromise healing and expose open skin to bacteria in the water.
Some redness, soreness and swelling immediately after service is normal, and typically subsides within a day. If these symptoms persist or if brows begin to become painful, enflamed or ooze any fluid, please inform me immediately and consult with a doctor ASAP.
Remember: brows will heal 30-40% lighter and softer.
Brow healing is a journey where changes such as darkening, lightening, etc are all expected.
Brows are not fully healed until 4 weeks when pigment is settled in the skin. Be patient and trust the process!
Your complimentary Touch Up appointment at 6-8 weeks (no more than 12 weeks) will be used to make any adjustments needed and ensure your brows are perfect for you.
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