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​Ombré Powder Brows

  • Microshading technique heals to a natural, powdery fill with softer front.

  • Custom shaped to each client.

  • Appointment begins with Consultation, however this can be booked separately ahead of service.

  • Client can choose natural brows or makeup style fill based on their preference.

  • Heals 30% lighter and softer than immediately after.

  • Immediate healing takes 2 weeks, but full healing requires 4 weeks for pigment to settle.

  • Lasts 1-3 years based on skin type, lifestyle, and adherence to After Care instructions.

  • Annual touch up is recommended to maintain.

  • Suitable for all skin types. However, restrictions apply. Must provide photo of brows without makeup when booking to ensure you are a candidate for this service.

  • Must have virgin skin. All previous Permanent Makeup in the brow area is considered Corrective Service.



  • Initial Appointment (3-3.5 hour duration)

  • Complimentary Touch Up Appointment in 6-8 weeks (1-1.5 hour duration)

  • After Care kit

Price:  $̶5̶0̶0̶   $450    $50 off with code BEAUTIFUL

​Correction Brows

  • Involves correcting previous Permanent Makeup (PMU) work, including the color, shape, or both.

  • All existing PMU work in the brow area by other Artists is considered Corrective work.

  • Not all brows are eligible for Correction. Photo of the brows with previous work must be reviewed and approved by the Artist to ensure the brows can be corrected.

  • In some cases where brows cannot be corrected, Saline Removal may be recommended.


  • Initial appointment (3.5 hour duration)

  • Touch up appointment (1.5 hour duration)

  • After Care kit

Price:  $̶6̶0̶0̶  $550    $50 off with code BEAUTIFUL

​Henna Brows

  • Temporary brow stain to tint brows in the perfect shape. Lasts up to 2 weeks.

  • A great preview for those curious about Powder Brows but not quite ready to commit yet.

  • Patch test recommended at least 48 hours ahead of initial appointment to ensure no reaction to the henna.


  • Initial appointment (1.5 hour duration)

  • After Care kit

Price: $50  Intro Special! Price will increase soon!

​Annual Touch Up

  • Available to existing clients only.

  • Recommended every 12-24 months to maintain color, definition and vibrancy of the brows.

  • Price varies based on time lapsed, amount faded and amount of work/time needed. Please text a photo before booking to receive estimate.


  • Initial appointment (1-2 hour duration)

  • After Care kit

Price: $250-350

Saline Tattoo Removal - Lightening Sessions

  • Perfect for gradually lightening unwanted Permanent Makeup (PMU) work or small body art tattoos.

  • Involves an all-natural saline solution that lifts unwanted pigment out of the skin through the process of osmosis.

  • Achieving desired results can take time and patience. Several sessions may be needed and there must be an 8 week period between sessions to allow the skin to fully heal. 

  • In some cases where Correction Brows are desired, less sessions may be required as we only need to lighten enough to be able to cover up previous work.



  • Appointment (1-1.5 hour duration)

  • After Care kit

Price: $150 for first session and $125 for each additional session

​Emergency Saline Removal

  • Must be within 48 hours of previous Permanent Makeup (PMU)

  • Involves a saline solution soak to lift out pigment before it settles into skin.

  • Ideal for clients who need urgent removal of unwanted work.



  • Appointment (1 hour duration)

Price: $100



Give the gift of Brows! Gift Certificates are also available.

For each appointment, $100 non-refundable booking deposit is required to reserve your spot and will be applied towards balance. The remaining balance is due at the end of your appointment. For services $100 or under, payment in full is required as deposit.

Accepted payment methods: Cash, Venmo, Cash App, or credit card via Square payments.

Included Touch Up appointments must be within 12 weeks of Initial appointments and are ideally scheduled 6-8 weeks after Initial appointment. In some rare cases, a 3rd session (2nd touch up) may be required. This usually only occurs for clients with poor retention or more difficult Correction cases. Additional tray fee will apply for 3rd sessions to cover cost and time.

For each service listed above, restrictions apply.

Up-close image of woman's ombre powder eyebrows after they have healed